Tuesday, 16 July 2013

missing you damn much !

Assalamualaikum and nice day honey ! :)

I'm feeling happy. I'm sad. I'm eager. I'm down.

I dont really know what's my feeling right now. It all mixed up. Sat for a while and looking at those pictures of you and me reminiscing me back to the old time of us being together. :')

Wondering how you're doing right now at that school. Kau makan petang or tak. Ambik supper atau tak.
Ohh I  super duper miss you honey !
well honey, I'm crying most of the day now. :')
A lot to be told but cant. Having you by my side every evening like before,listening to my stories was not same when I'm here .

I miss your evil laugh,sarcasm smile, and kau akan buat muka whenever aku cerita apa yang kau rasa aku tak patot pon done all that things. haha
Know what honey, I miss your cooking ! the cake, the pudding, the kuih and all ! :')
nanti aku balik rumah,make sure masakkan tau XD
I'll keep waiting till the day we can meet together and enjoy the whole  day for just the two of us :)

I miss you A.A.A :')

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