Monday, 29 April 2013


 works and works and works.
well,thats my works(again) for the time being. huh. penat.but stilll,have to face it as its my responsible a.k.a obligation as a student. haha
i still can finish all the workssss but not within a short period of time.
oh please la all my lecturers,each of you hand me a lot of workssss and there're a lot of you guysss.. HAHA
and now im struggling to complete all those assignmentsss before the due date. bila tu? ESOK!!!
haih...macam tak sempat je..
hmmm..its okay baby.keep calm and go for it.
oh thinking positively.haha
1st period esok:History. country's Coat of Arms tak siaap design lagi.
 2nd                :Physics . hmmm..Pre-reading tak buat lagi.(kena bom dalam kelas nnti nak jawab apeee ==')
3rd                  :Bahasa Melayu. That folio.haih.A few more mind map to be completed.
4th                  :Applied Math : yeayyy. dah siaaaap ! haha

then my class end for tmorrow.
Post Mortem Career Day tak buat lagi.adusssh.
ok dah.need to continue my worrrkkss.
hope i can stand still. :)
Allah,give me patience. aminn.

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