Saturday, 20 April 2013

Topaz !

 So here it is ! TOPAZ~
nama rumah sukannn. haha. it named topaz as it is one af the gemstone name. huhu
and now we're busy painting and decorating and drawing and marching and practising and so on.
penaattt.. but hopefully theres smething we'll get later. :)

and along the time buat props and so on,bnyak la jugak perselisihan berlaku. apa ni kawan2 ? haih.. kerjasama tu pnting tauu..stresss aku mcamni.
and lepas dah berlaku mcam2,pergi cerita pulak dekat rumah sukan lainn.. ohh tidaaak ~
nnti people will take advantage kat kite tau tak?awk awaaaak,sy tktau knpe awk dah jadi mcam tu. hmmm
i dont know wht is going on actually. but since ada yg dah menceritakan,rasa mcam tak patut pulka bnde tu trjadi. mcm kanak2. kena leter skit,takboleh,kne push skit,melenting. apa laaa..
but nvm, moral of the story kat sini.....
*appreciate what people have done to you
*try to accept people as the way they are (tak semua org berkebolehan)
*understand the situation(masa singkat,mgkin susah nk perfect)

hmmm..hard to make others accept you since people have different way to be approached.
apa punn,TOPAZ tetap awesome !

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