Monday, 8 April 2013

my 17th

 8th of April~~
oh yeah!! here it comes.My 17th birthday. It was really a precious moment in life for seventeen years with those who are with me. :))
meaning that im getting older. :D Taknak jadi tuaaaaa! haha.
but im not at school today. :(
so sad missing my birthday celebrations with all my lovely schoolmatess.
inshaAllah akn digantikan nnti. :DD
got a lot of wishes from friends,cousins,family and my kawan also. :)
have a treat of BIG Apple and Subway too!! hee~

eat this smpai brape kali pergi toilet. :PP

trima ksih to that person. (;

my favourite!

and the most touched part when my beloved ibu wished me. :)

"Anis, Your 17th birthday comes along with great responsibility. Don't let the judgment from others overshadow the judgment from ALLAH. Take care of yourself and always ask for ALLAH guidance.. Whenever you need me, I'll be there for you. No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be my little princess"
waaahhh~~! tengah lepak tadi ngan kengkawan and read this message.,my tears pun memunculkan dri. haha. :'D
thnks ibu...adik akn cuba yg terbaik untuk jadi little princess ibu. :')

and then my daddy pulak hantar.

"happy birthday.smoga hidup anda sentiasa di bawah lindunganNya. usaha itu tangga kejayaan"

hmmmm...seems like i really have to work hard on my study and everything ! :DD
anyway,thnks for those yg wish my birthday and all the gifts. :)
sayaaaaaaangg korang semua !


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